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Who We Are

We design unique apparel for men who choose to be distinct, look good, and protect their skin.

Envisioned by two Board-Certified Dermatologists in Florida, frustrated by the lack of attractive sun-protective apparel for themselves and their male patients, Dr. Josep Genebriera and Dr. Karthik Krishnamurthy embarked on a journey to created bespoke apparel that nurtures skin-health.  

Each design is specially curated for today’s man. Whether the pool, beach, boat, or watersports, our threads exude comfort and style, without having to worry.  With UPF 50+, our garments block more than 98% of harmful sun rays, promoting environmental sustainability by reducing sunscreen reapplication to covered areas, leaving more time for you to enjoy.  

Dr. Josep Genebriera

Dr. Karthik Krishnamurthy

Stylish/ You.
  • Twice as many men die from melanoma than women, with high risk for men between 15-39 years old.

  • Even one blistering sunburn DOUBLES your risk for developing melanoma.

  • Men with melanoma are at increased risk for developing prostate cancer.

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